The 7 Best Places To Find Cheap Accommodation For Students In The USA


Pursuing higher education in the USA is a dream for many, but the cost of student accommodation can be a significant concern. In this article, we’ll guide you through the seven best places to find affordable student accommodation in the United States, making your educational journey more budget-friendly.

The Importance of Affordable Student Accommodation

Affordable accommodation plays a pivotal role in ensuring that students can pursue their academic dreams without being financially burdened. Let’s explore how you can find cost-effective options while studying in the USA.

Factors to Consider When Seeking Affordable Accommodation

Several factors can influence the affordability of student accommodation, including location, shared living arrangements, and access to essential amenities. Consider these aspects when searching for affordable housing.

The 7 Best Places to Find Cheap Student Accommodation

On-Campus Housing

Most universities in the USA offer on-campus housing options. These are convenient and often cost-effective, making them an excellent choice for students looking to save on accommodation costs.

Off-Campus Apartments

Renting an off-campus apartment can be a cost-effective option, especially when shared with roommates. Explore options in the vicinity of your university for affordability.

Shared Housing

Shared housing, also known as house or apartment sharing, allows students to split the rent with others. It’s a popular choice for cost-conscious students.

Co-Living Spaces

Co-living spaces are gaining popularity, offering furnished rooms with shared common areas. They often come with amenities like cleaning services and utilities included in the rent.

University Housing Scholarships

Many universities in the USA provide housing scholarships to help students with accommodation expenses. Check with your institution’s financial aid office for available opportunities.

Online Accommodation Platforms

Online platforms like Airbnb, Craigslist, and others can be valuable resources for finding short-term or affordable housing options. Be cautious and research thoroughly.

College Towns

Consider living in college towns where housing costs may be more competitive. These towns often cater to the needs of students and offer budget-friendly options.

Tips for Saving on Accommodation Costs

To further reduce accommodation expenses, consider meal plans, energy-efficient living, and exploring transportation alternatives. These small changes can add up to significant savings.

Student Testimonials and Experiences

Hearing from fellow students who have successfully found cheap accommodation can provide valuable insights and guidance. Learn from their experiences to make informed choices.


Affordable student accommodation in the USA is attainable with careful planning and consideration. By exploring the seven best places mentioned in this article, you can make your academic journey more budget-friendly.


  1. Is on-campus housing always cheaper than off-campus options?
    • Not always, but it can be a cost-effective choice. It varies depending on the university and location.
  2. How can I find university housing scholarships?
    • Contact your university’s financial aid office for information on available housing scholarships and application procedures.
  3. Are co-living spaces suitable for international students?
    • Co-living spaces are often open to international students and can provide a supportive community.
  4. What is the best way to find roommates for shared housing?
    • Many universities have resources to help students find compatible roommates. Online platforms and social media groups can also be useful.
  5. Are there any resources for finding short-term accommodation for international students?
    • Online platforms like Airbnb offer short-term accommodation options suitable for international students.

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