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The most popular cockfighting game in the Philippines is WPC2028. The WPC stands for World Pitmaster Cup. WPC2028 is a game in which participants compete against one another that is open to everyone in the world, not only residents of the Philippines. WPC2028 is basically an online game. In this game, bets are placed on your preferred cock, and the winners of the game’s final round win the entire money. People all over the world are making a lot of money playing the WPC2028 game every day. This game is well-known and much talked all through the world.

WPC2028 Live Dashboard is a real-time, interactive dashboard that lets users follow the progress of the WPC2028 project in real time. People play these sports based on their interests and cultures. Cricket and football are two of the most popular and well-liked games around the world.

Cockfighting video games, which are popular in the Philippines right now, can be played on the WPC2028, which is a unique platform. Both players are responsible of a team of three cocks that are competing against each other. The goal of the game is to beat your opponent, either by knocking them out or by making them fall down (technical knockout).

WPC2028 live Register:

Wpc2028 live login Register

Let’s now discuss how to sign up for WPC2028 and how to earn greatly from playing this game. Therefore, in order to register for WPC2028, you should first visit the WPC2028 website.

  1. You must be 21 years old to register for WPC2028; otherwise, you will not be able to participate in it.
  2. Fill out the WPC2028 registration form and submit it to the website if you are over the age of 21, and your account will be activated immediately.
  3. You must provide the requested information during registration, which includes your name, password, date of birth, and occupation.
  4. After creating a WPC2028 account, you also need to have a Microsoft account to view the dashboard.

You may easily create an account by following the above guidelines and playing this game.

Forgotten Password for WPC2028:

If you are an active WPC2028 member and you’ve forgotten your account password, you don’t need to worry at all because WPC offers complete access to recover your password so you may access your account and change it. if you forget your password just keep in mind that you must provide your phone number when you creating a new account, and after that WPC will send you a message to that number with your account’s password, which you can also reset.

What is Live Dashboard?

What is the live dashboard in WPC? This is one of the most commonly asked questions regarding the WPC2028 game. So, Live Dashboard is a website that allows users to watch live cockfighting matches. In this, applicants must first submit a form then WPC2028 offers live dashboard service to everyone. Only after paying the required service fees we will be allowed to access the live dashboard and watch competitions in real time.

All applicants who have submitted their applications can view live cockfighting on their screens in this live dashboard. WPC2028 also gives users all the details about all the future events and competitions in this dashboard. In fact, you should sign up WPC2028 social media pages if you want to watch all WPC tournaments without a live dashboard or know more about cockfighting. The official WPC page is that place where you can find all the information and updates.

Features of WPC2028

In today’s technologically advanced era, people prefer to see anything online using the internet on the screen of their mobile phones rather than walking from one place to another. Additionally, there are many games on which you can place bets online. A similar site is WPC2028, where users may enjoy watching the game live on their phone screens while using the internet at home and placing bets online. Games from WPC are available on iOS and Android devices. You must first register for an account on the platform’s official website and enable notifications in the WPC2028 application that is installed to your phone if you want to learn about upcoming events and game schedules there.


  • WPC is one of the most popular online games in the Philippines.
  • Playing this game will entirely reduce your boredom.
  • You may also make a significant amount of money everyday by playing the WPC game.
  • This game is not very tough to play but is really simple.
  • The game keeps all of its users updated about upcoming tournaments and events.


  • WPC truly wastes a person’s important time and it also wastes a person’s money
  • Humans should not combat against each other via WPC game which generates chaos in the brains of humans
  • Apart from human mind, WPC game also has a harmful influence on human training

It is a game that contains many different tournament rounds and has been played for centuries. According to a variety of specialists, this game is certainly old but not extinct. In the modern period, the demand for this game will expand since people are making a lot of money and enjoying it. This platform is very useful for gambling gamblers and, as it provides the gamblers with the opportunity to gamble.


What is WPC2028?

WPC is an online betting game where players risk by participating in several tournaments that require a deposit first.

How can I sign up for WPC2028?

Fill up the registration form on the WPC2028 website, then send it to the company. Verification requires a phone number.

Can we make a profit from wpc2028?

Of course you can make money and have fun playing WPC2028, but as it’s a gambling game, you might also lose money.

Can we watch WPC2028 competitions live?

You must pay a fee in order to watch WPC competitions live, WPC will provide you access to a live dashboard where you can see all of the tournaments in real time.

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