Why should you be friends with your mother-in-law

Contrary to what many people would like you to believe, there is nothing that says that an African woman and her mother-in-law cannot be good friends. Women who have found the satisfaction and peace of mind that comes with this beautiful companion will tell you that it is rewarding to be your husband’s mother by your side, to be at peace with him to the point of being a daughter and a friend. So instead of expecting to enjoy your mother’s status in her life, it makes sense to be friends with her, here are seven reasons why:

Why should you be friends with your mother in law (urdu)

1. You can’t replace it
And you won’t want it to go away. Therefore, the best thing to do is to do the best of the situation and that all that is important is to try to be at peace with him because, in all truth, we cannot deny that some mothers-in-law are not particularly holy, too.

Still, you can try to turn his son back, but he will backfire, often, in a terrible way. And even if not, is that the kind of person you want to be? Is this the kind of thing you would want your future daughter-in-law to do for you? 2. You need him by your side

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