Why High-End Property Developers Are North Kolkata

When it comes to the City of Joy, you will find a cluster of fine, modern residential properties on the southern side of the city, or in the newly developed and aptly named New Town. Most high-end property developers skip the older parts of Kolkata, often citing lack of demand as a reason to not spread their wings there.

However, recently, there has been a change in this regard. Nowadays, it is not uncommon to find a contemporary residential complex thrust amid old-school, colonial North Kolkatan buildings. It does raise the question, though: Why the change? Let’s investigate!

Why builders in Kolkata are looking north-side

There are many reasons why North Kolkata would attract the attention of real estate development firms. Here’s a deep dive into the core causes-

Untapped potential

A lot of North Kolkata is still a kaleidoscope of rusty, old colonial buildings – some of which are dangerously close to the point of collapse. The landscape of this side of the city makes it rife with opportunity. Areas of the city such as EM Bypass, Manicktala, Sinthi More, etc. have caught the eye of keen real estate developers who can see the potential of this area and all the opportunities it brings.

Increased demand

More and more North Kolkatans now want to break out of the walls of their traditional homes and start life anew in a home that’s replete with all the amenities they want. The problem with old buildings, though charming and airy, they do not offer much when it comes to lifestyle-enhancing amenities. Almost all of them lack elevators, pools, gyms, round-the-clock security and so much more than their modern counterparts easily offer. The desire for these convenient features and amenities has increased by leaps and bounds, adding to the list of reasons why builders are giving North Kolkata a shot.

Excellent location

One of the prime factors that work in favour of North Kolkata is its location. Extremely well-connected with its network of public transportation, excellent school system, and a never-ending collage of markets, North Kolkata has a very clear location advantage for potential buyers.

Good property developers know the benefits a sound location can bring to the table. The demand for a well-located home is something they can easily capitalize on, raking in more profits for the houses they make. Plus, it’s all about giving your customers what they want and who can say ‘no’ to a prime location?

Should you live in North Kolkata?

North Kolkata might be enjoying its moment under the sun with high-end property developers building new-age projects there, but the most pivotal question remains to be answered –

Should North Kolkata be your home?

By all means, it should be. Especially if you’re already a North Kolkatan who just wants to upgrade their lifestyle but are not willing to change their area. With modern homes now littering the North Kolkatan skyline, it’s a good time to be here.

However, if you do not live here and are new to the city or just willing to shift localities, here are some reasons you might enjoy choosing North Kolkata as your new home area.

Reasons to make North Kolkata your home

Check them out below-

Heritage and culture

Being one of the first parts of the city to be colonized, North Kolkata enjoys a certain charm that cannot be replicated elsewhere. It’s the unrivaled citadel of art and culture – housing one gem after the other within its lanes and bylanes, from the artisan-filled alley of Kumartuli to the birthplace of the great Rabindranath Tagore, Jorasanko Thakurbari. If you’re the kind that has a soft spot for the legacy of this grand old city and want to stay connected to its core culture, North Kolkata is the only area to be.

Scrumptious street food

It’s not an exaggeration to say that every nook and cranny of North Kolkata is littered with multiple street food outlets that are bar none. Head up to College Street and you have the iconic Indian Coffee House to enjoy a hearty snack of chicken and mutton cutlets with rich, creamy coffee. Or make your way to the wide streets of Shyambazar, arriving at the Mitra Cafe for an irresistible plate of fish fry and mutton kobiraji. No matter which way you head, you can be sure that the culinary experience here won’t disappoint.

Affordable prices

Up south, it’s not uncommon to find high-end, luxury properties that command a hefty price. But the price is a different story in North Kolkata, and that’s where it trumps the south. Housing is much more affordable on this side of the city, which is something to consider if you are on a tight budget.

According to Housing.com, the average price per square foot in North Kolkata is Rs. 3,675; while the same in South Kolkata is Rs. 5,778. That’s a sizable difference and certainly a vital factor that can influence your purchase decision of the area in which you eventually end up getting your dream home.

A good investment

Since the per-square-foot price of North Kolkatan properties falls on the affordable side of things, it gives you the added flexibility as a buyer to purchase a property here and rent it out. This, in turn, makes flats here a very good investment. Especially, if you were on the market looking for a secondary property to rent out and earn a little extra income on the side.

All said and done, North Kolkata seems to be the new ‘it’ area for not just high-end property developers but also residents alike. So if you’re planning a change of home and a change of locality, you might want to give North Kolkata a long and hard look. You might just end up finding your dream home tucked somewhere neatly in one of its lanes, offering every single modern amenity under the sun.

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