What Are The SEO Trends to Leverage

It’s like trying to hit the perfect spot on a moving goalpost to master SEO trends. An algorithm update changes your strategy once you think you know exactly what search engines are looking for. The best Dubai SEO companies conduct ongoing research on the most recent SEO trends for the same reason.

Even though the ultimate objective of SEO is to increase your presence in relevant search results, the methods used to get there change from time to time. Therefore, it is essential for SEO Dubai agencies to approach search engines in the same manner as an SEO expert, remain current, align content with user requirements, and adhere to the then-current search algorithm.

While algorithm updates and regular improvements are always changing, the best SEO agencies in Dubai have tested and proven some proven SEO trends that you can use in 2022. You can improve your rankings and increase the value of your brand by using these strategies on your website.

  1. Work on your Core Web Vitals Google uses a set of ranking factors called Core Web Vitals to evaluate a website’s overall user experience.

The Core Web Vitals are the metrics used to evaluate interaction and page speed:

  • Largest Contentful Paint (LCP) is the amount of time it takes for your page’s largest content to load.

  • The time it takes for the website to respond to the user’s initial interaction is known as the First Input Delay (FID)

  • Combined Format Shift (CLS) is the times the page has gone through a design change in the course of its life.

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2.Improve your EAT Score According to Google, your page’s EAT score plays a major role in determining its SERP ranking and quality. Authority, confidence, and expertise. EAT is the acronym for this.

The quality of the content must also change with search engine algorithms.

The most effective SEO firms raise EAT scores by adhering to the following fundamental guidelines:


  • Understanding the problems that customers face and coming up with original content that gives value that potential customers are looking for

  • Include figures and facts that show how knowledgeable the author is.

  • To establish authority, include links to authoritative sources and guest posts or interviews with experts in your field.

  • In order to build trust, create an outstanding ABOUT page.

  1. Make sure your pages are optimized for mobile devices. SEO Agency Dubai know that 78% of online searches are now done on mobile, IoT, and voice-controlled devices. Therefore, it makes sense that Google now filters websites that are mobile-friendly and load quickly. Therefore, making your website mobile-friendly is not the way to go. It’s an urgent requirement.

So ensuring your site appears in versatile hunts is currently required. Additionally, if you have not yet designed your website to be responsive, your rival will happily take care of this aspect for you by displacing your mobile visitors.

As a result, mobile optimization has the potential to boost customer engagement, increase organic traffic, and increase sales.

4. Include “People Also Ask” in Your Content “People Also Ask” is a recent trend that the majority of online searchers use. “People also ask” is the basis for 56% of daily queries.

Therefore, if you want to appear higher in search results, you absolutely need to answer frequently asked questions in your content. You can do this by using a keyword tool to find the keywords that your visitors are looking for. Make use of these keywords in your answers and in the headers of your pages.

5. Incorporate Different Media Types in your Substance

There are sure procedures you can apply by implication to help your SERP rankings. One of them is to utilize various media types on your blog content.


Past pictures, media types can likewise be sound bites, recordings, and GIFs. These media types are intended to enhance the user experience, encourage interaction with your website, and increase website dwell time.


To begin, you can use audio recordings of your blog posts or brief video clips to convey complex ideas in a novel and understandable manner.


When it comes to SEO and Google’s algorithms, things shift, but one thing stays the same. Content that is useful and relevant is always a good place to start. When combined with careful consideration for the user experience, the tried-and-true SEO best practices continue to yield outstanding results.


Therefore, instead of overusing keywords, concentrate on providing content that is value-based and addresses the requirements and issues faced by your target audience. Why not hand over specialized matters to industry specialists while you center around your business?

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