Weight reduction: Meet the Pakistani man who lost 43kg in under 10 months

Dubai: He lost 43kg in under 10 months. He is excited; at the point when he began his weight reduction venture he weighed 127 kg, presently he is 84kg. And he isn’t finished yet; he wants to lose another 10 kilograms in the next three months. This is the narrative of Hafeezullah Khattak, a 37-year-old Wellbeing and Security Specialist from Peshawar, Pakistan.

Inlet News addressed Khattak to figure out how he figured out how to accomplish the wonderful errand. He claims that because he is happier, healthier, and fitter than ever, he is proud of his accomplishment. He is grateful to Ihteshamul Haq, his younger brother, for inspiring him to take on the challenge.

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