The Ultimate Guide to Filing a Report with RSB for Recovery of Lost Funds


Losing funds due to fraudulent activities or scams can be a distressing experience, especially in the world of online transactions and digital assets. Fortunately, there are organizations like the Recovery Scams Bureau (RSB) that aim to assist victims in recovering their lost funds. In this comprehensive guide, we will walk you through the step-by-step process of filing a report with RSB to maximize your chances of recovering your hard-earned money.

Understanding Recovery Scams Bureau (RSB)

1. Who is RSB?

The Recovery Scams Bureau is a reputable organization dedicated to assisting individuals who have fallen victim to scams, investment fraud, or other financial scams. RSB has a team of experienced professionals who specialize in investigating and recovering lost funds on behalf of victims.

2. What Types of Scams Does RSB Handle?

RSB handles a wide range of scams, including but not limited to:

  • Online investment scams
  • Ponzi schemes
  • Binary options fraud
  • Cryptocurrency scams
  • Phishing scams
  • Forex trading scams

Steps to File a Report with RSB

1. Gather All Relevant Information

Before reaching out to RSB, gather all relevant information related to the scam or fraudulent activity. This may include transaction records, communication with the scammer, any relevant documents, and other evidence of the scam.

2. Visit RSB’s Official Website

Go to the official website of the Recovery Scams Bureau. Ensure that you are on the legitimate website by checking the URL and security indicators.

3. Navigate to the Report Form

Look for the “File a Report” or “Submit a Claim” section on the website. Click on the link to access the report form.

4. Fill Out the Report Form

Provide all the requested information in the report form accurately and comprehensively. Include details about the scam, the amount of money lost, the involved parties, and any supporting evidence you have.

5. Submit the Report

After completing the report form, review the information for accuracy and submit the report to RSB. Keep a copy of the submission confirmation for your records.

6. Wait for RSB’s Response

RSB will review your report and investigate the case. They may reach out to you for additional information or clarification if needed.

7. Cooperate with RSB’s Investigation

During the investigation process, it is essential to cooperate fully with RSB. Provide any additional information or evidence they may request promptly.

8. Recovery Process

If RSB determines that there is a viable chance of recovery, they will take appropriate actions to recover the lost funds on your behalf. This may involve legal proceedings, negotiations, or other recovery methods.

9. Stay Informed

Keep in touch with RSB to stay informed about the progress of your case. They will update you on any developments or potential outcomes.

10. Success or Resolution

If RSB successfully recovers your lost funds, they will arrange for the funds to be returned to you. In case the recovery is not possible, they will provide you with an explanation of the outcome.

Precautions and Tips

1. Report Scams Promptly

File a report with RSB as soon as possible after discovering the scam. Quick action may enhance the chances of successful recovery.

2. Beware of Scammers Impersonating RSB

Scammers may attempt to impersonate RSB or other recovery organizations. Always verify the legitimacy of communications and website URLs to avoid falling victim to further scams.

3. Stay Informed About Scams

Educate yourself about common scams and fraudulent activities to protect yourself from future scams.


The Recovery Scams Bureau is a valuable resource for individuals seeking assistance in recovering lost funds due to scams or fraudulent activities. By following the steps outlined in this guide and cooperating with RSB’s investigation, you increase the likelihood of successful recovery. Remember to exercise caution and vigilance in all financial transactions to avoid falling prey to scams in the future.