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Yahoo Finance Symbol Lookup

Trending Tickers Symbol Name Last Price Change % Change BTC-USD Bitcoin USD 20,353.01 +859.84 +4.41% ETH-USD Ethereum USD 1,115.70 +67.64 +6.45% AC.TO Air Canada 18.00 +0.73 +4.23% HUT.TO Hut 8 Mining Corp. 2.2400 +0.1600 +7.69% GLXY.TO Galaxy Digital Holdings Ltd. 6.70 +0.75 +12.61% DOGE-USD Dogecoin USD 0.059874 +0.002576 +4.50% ^GSPTSE S&P/TSX Composite index 19,160.34 +229.86 … Read more

Msft Yahoo Finance

Previous Close 244.97 Open 244.70 Bid 247.39 x 2200 Ask 247.53 x 900 Day’s Range 244.03 – 250.50 52 Week Range 241.51 – 349.67 Volume 42,643,503 Avg. Volume 32,098,933 Market Cap 1.852T Beta (5Y Monthly) 0.94 PE Ratio (TTM) 25.85 EPS (TTM) 9.58 Earnings Date Jul 25, 2022 – Jul 29, 2022 Forward Dividend & Yield 2.48 … Read more

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