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You can take marijuana for many reasons; yet the most popular reason for taking this weed is for relaxation. This is the reason for most people try to take marijuana. The weed contains a psychoactive ingredient – THC – that stimulates a part of your brain and unleashes a barrage of dopamine, a chemical known for giving a euphoric and relaxed feeling.

Nevertheless, you may or may not be taking the right strain of marijuana. Indeed, there are several varieties of the weed, and the best of them is often known as the og strain. OG may be an acronym for “Ocean Grown” or “Original Gangster”, but irrespective of the origin of its acronym, you can fairly say that OG signifies a strain with coastal roots, preferably California roots. This strain is known to provide powerful effects and an exceptionally satisfying “high”.

Lindsay Og Strain

Even the og strain comes in several varieties. These varieties come with different effects, side effects, and flavors. Although the most significant aspect of any og strain is its THC content, all OG strains are known to be THC dominant. You can get the Lindsay strain which is also THC dominant and contains 15-23% THC and 1.17 to 1.38% CBD.

Different Forms of OG Strain

The best thing about this strain is that apart from giving a euphoric high, it offers heightened sensory perception and has a spicy herbal flavor. Indeed, the flavor is one of the most popular aspects of this strain. You can get OG strains in different forms like distillate, wax, rosin, etc. However, the quest for the perfect marijuana strain may not end with Lindsay og strain. You can also get a host of other powerful strains like gorilla glue, tetra raw, blue god flower, blue dream wax, hammer wax, etc.

Hammer wax has a THC content of 78.98%; blue dream wax has a THC content of 77.28% and gorilla glue has a THC content of 63.37%. If you like distillate you can go for tetra raw distillate. If you like rosin, you can go for blue god flower rosin. So, if THC content is a parameter for selecting the best hash, you can go for Lindsay og strain, gorilla glue, blue dream wax, and hammer wax in that order. However, selecting the right strain is just half the job done. You also need to select the right supplier or online shop. Indeed, there are several of them, but you may not trust all of them with quality.


There are several strains of marijuana available in the market. They come with different THC contents, effects, side effects, and flavors. However, the weeds don’t just differ in THC content and effect; they also differ in form. So, you can get Lindsay og strain as hash, gorilla glue as full melt, blue dream as wax, and hammer as wax. After selecting the right strain and form, you also need to select the right supplier. Reliability is a big concern in vaping. So, make sure that you are sourcing your hash from a reliable online store. There are online stores that sell your variety at affordable rates.


What is the most rare strain?

Malawi Gold is one of the world’s rarest strains. This legendary landrace strain has been grown naturally in Malawi for generations, and it remains consistent, uniform, and universally adored. Malawi Gold, unlike many popular modern hybrids, has a moderate THC level.

What do you think of the OG strain?

OG Kush produces consistent effects for most users: a well-balanced head and body high accompanied by intense euphoria and cerebral sensations. OG Kush enthusiasts claim that a few puffs will put you in a mellow, trance-like state.

Lindsay OG is a cannabis strain.

Lindsay OG is an indica-dominant hybrid with a 60/40 indica/sativa ratio. Its THC content ranges from 18% to 21%, with some tests reporting as high as 23%. While it is known to be a descendant of the legendary and classic OG Kush, its other parent cross is unknown.

What does the term “OG” mean in strain names?

According to DNA Genetics, OG stands for “Original Gangsta,” a term coined by Cypress Hill’s crew. According to legend, they discovered the OG Kush strain at a Grateful Dead concert in the 1990s.

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