Intergy EHR vs ChartPerfect: Which One is Right for You? 

With the rise of health technology, EHR systems are becoming more and more important. Intergy vs ChartPerfect is two popular EHR options on the market today. It can be tough to decide which one is worth your money. So, this article provides a comparison of Intergy vs ChartPerfect. It takes a look at its features, pricing, and reviews to determine which software will fit your needs best. Ultimately, it comes down to which software better fits you and your needs – Intergy or Chartperfect! Scroll down below to read the analysis between both. 

Everything about Greenway Health Intergy EHR Software:

Greenway Health Intergy EHR software helps ambulatory health practices to document medical records. It also provides tools to manage daily tasks. This includes scheduling appointments, digital billing and payments, and quality reporting. Intergy EHR is very simple and easy to use. The software provides improved efficiency for practice staff members. Moreover, Intergy enables better collaboration among healthcare providers. It ensures the best care possible for patients. 

Intergy EHR Features 

Patient Engagement 

Intergy software provides a unique patient engagement feature. It allows efficient interaction between physicians and patients. Physicians can send reminders and real-time messages. Meanwhile, patients can request refills and view lab results from their online devices. The application connects medical field experts with the people they are helping.  


This feature simplifies the claims management process and deals with pre-submitted claim forms. The software meets compliance standards by scrubbing each form. It avoids potential rejections by identifying errors before submission. Thereby, providers receive a fast turnaround on reimbursement fees after sending a claim.  


Interoperability is essential for seamlessly sharing data between different healthcare systems. It simplifies the integration process. Thereby, allowing practice management systems to communicate with other hospitals. The software uses Health Level Seven Interfaces (HL7) to ease this exchange of information. It ensures interoperability between different healthcare applications.  

Intergy Demo 

The software currently does not offer a demo option. Not to worry though. Intergy EHR offers a free consultation to explain how Intergy can benefit you. Additionally, you can reach out to third-party vendors for a customizable pricing plans. This way, you get a full picture of the application and its features before making any decisions. Taking Intergy for a test drive is the best way to make sure it meets all your needs and expectations! 

Intergy EHR Pricing 

If you’re looking for Intergy EHR pricing, you will need to contact their sales team to receive a quote. Besides, you can reach out to third-party vendors for custom packages as well. This is the most reliable way to access Intergy’s pricing options. 

Intergy Reviews 

Intergy reviews are excellent with customers praising the features, usability, and customer service. On SoftwareAdvice, Intergy has a remarkable rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars, and G2 rates it 3.9 out of 5 stars. Integrity is a must-have software for any medical practice and billing service provider. 

Everything about ChartPerfect EHR Software 

ChartPerfect software is an innovative EHR software. It simplifies the flow of patient information. Several medical areas use the application. This includes allergy, cardiology, dermatology, internal medicine, and more. ChartPerfect offers many features that allow users to customize their workflow process. It offers specialized templates so physicians can focus on patient care. ChartPerfect software also has powerful reporting capabilities. These reports allow users to create reports based on different criteria for analysis.  

ChartPerfect Features 

Managed Billing (RCM) 

This feature offers a range of services. This includes front-office training, CPT coding, and superbill optimization. These services increase operational efficiency while reducing running costs. ChartPerfect also provides practice performance consulting to help improve your practice’s performance. Thus, giving providers more time to focus on their patients. 


ChartPerfect enables practices to connect with patients at any time, from any location. It ensures security and encryption, performance, and real-time analytics reporting. The software also offers automated documents. This tool helps to promote convenience and cost-efficiencies for all parties involved.  

Patient Engagement 

ChartPerfect software tools empower patients to become active participants in their healthcare. It provides them with knowledge and resources to manage their health. The patient engagement tools allow patients to access personalized educational content. It provides them with automated messaging and remote monitoring functionalities as well. This encourages an active engagement with the latest trends in healthcare technology. ChartPerfect concentrates on building strong connections between providers and patients. Meanwhile, it aids users in navigating their unique healthcare journey. The software offers patients control over their health through thoughtful features. This includes secure access to medical records, real-time health status updates, and more.  

ChartPerfect Demo 

ChartPerfect Demo helps potential clients determine if it is the right EHR system or not. The software understands the importance of providing a positive experience. Thus, the demo enables customers to explore the application. It lets them decide if it is the right choice for their healthcare practice. 

ChartPerfect Pricing 

ChartPerfect has a straightforward and understood pricing plan. This plan consists of two different services. The All-in-One EHR & PM Solution and the Medical Billing Services package. The former service includes two plans. The Physician and Non-Physician each cost $599 and $499 per provider a month. ChartPerfect’s Medical Billing Services package starts at 4.5% of monthly collections. With ChartPerfect, you can find pricing plans that best fit your needs. 

ChartPerfect Reviews 

ChartPerfect reviews are few. But the application offers healthcare institutes so many great features. ChartPerfect is a friendly software. It provides a clear pricing structure for all its customers. This way, users can work ChartPerfect into their budget before signing up for the service. All in all, ChartPerfect looks like an essential and helpful platform. 


In conclusion, both Intergy and ChartPerfect are great EHR system options. Each offers similar features that can provide organizations with a comprehensive EHR system. Both offer functionalities and tools that streamline operations within a healthcare organization. The pricing of both applications is the biggest variable when making your decision. Thus, you need to analyze your budget to decide which application can best suit your needs. 

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