Impact of Feminism on our society

Reflection on Feminism as whole

Women overcame many problems, obstacles, and barriers to become an important members of society. Women is being consider the most oppressed creation according to the concept of feminism. The term “feminism” comes from the Latin word “femina,” which means “woman.” It was first used in relation to issues of equal rights and the women’s rights movement. “The word ‘feminist’ or ‘feminism’ is a political label showing support for the goals of the women’s movement that emerged in the 1960s. You can pick your stance on debate of feminism while writing and can take help from the Personal statement writing service uk but, but this piece of writing provides you an overview of the impacts that feminism had on society.

Historical background of feminism

Women used to have no rights she was isolate, neglect, and abused by men. With the rise of feminism, the profile and image of women changed completely. “Feminism” was a social movement initiate by a series of resistance movements opposing the concept of patriarchy, social inequality, and oppression Woman. Initially, it was a disjointed and incoherent system of opposition, but the feminist theory is now an established field of critical inquiry and research to learn. You can research more on this crucial topic if you are finding a research topic and get help from phd Dissertation help available online.

Feminism and 21st century

From being victim of oppression she becomes queen, president, artist, teacher…and any role she previously wanted to enjoy. Feminism is important in the 21st century because even people who don’t call themselves feminists face the challenges that feminism seeks to solve. Feminism exposes and provides solutions to every form of discrimination on the basis of sex and gender. Feminism has come to the crossroads and started fighting for the rights of many reasons and the movement thrives on the involvement of all sections of the population in 2st century. Feminism has come to fight not just for women, but for other underrepresented identities of our society.

Multiple reaction against Feminism

Feminism has been introduce to the world’s patriarchal, male-dominant societies in the shape of three waves. The first, two waves had impacted in positive ways majorly but when you look at the third wave which we are having today you will find its multiple impacts on society. The concept of feminism we are living with is known as liberal feminism. A major criticism of liberal approach of feminism is that it assumes occurrence of change within existing male-dominant society.

Impacts of feminism on societies

Feminism has impacted society in multiple ways. Following are the major impacts that feminism had on society.

Positive impacts

Women’s access to healthcare

Feminism supports a healthier society for all, by equal treatment of every gender. As feminism challenges restrictive gender norms, it improves women’s access to health care, reproductive rights and protection from violence. Thus, feminism has had a positive impact on women’s access to health care by calling for women’s access to health care and the elimination of sexism in the health care system.

Suffrage (vote of right)

The women’s movement’s most important achievement was winning the right to vote. In the United States this was achieve in her 1920s. Women’s suffrage then led to further development of the women’s movement. The number of women in public office gradually increased.

Reproductive rights

Feminism calls for women’s right to freedom from coercion, discrimination and violence. One of the most important human rights of women, and to make women free and responsible to make decisions on matters of their sexuality, including reproductive and sexual health.

Protection from domestic violence

Feminism has helped in protection of women from domestic violence that women face in her married life especially and in general. The feminist position of spousal abuse is that violence stems from unequal power relations between men and women. Child abuse, marital rape, girl incest, and parental abuse are also discuss in relation to violence against women. Feminism disclosed and fought for every discrimination women faces and impacted the society in a positive way.

Negative impacts 

Increased promiscuity

Societies are being observe with promiscuity all over the world and it can be said that latest wave of feminism introduce a sense of promiscuity and majority criticize the recent phase of feminism. A slogan from feminism recently faced criticism in terms of spreading promiscuity and challenging values of traditional societies. Feminism is taken in wrong direction by masses and turn movement of rights into right for promiscuity.

Women shunning the concept of marriage

One of the main pillar of the society has challenge by feminist approaches of people especially women gender these days. It was never about rebelling from marriages but to give equal rights to women and treatment according to their gender role. But, nowadays it has been taken as repelling agent against marriages or trying to break the society’s major pillar. Marriage makes up the family and relationship of husband and wife makes up the marriage. These days both of the sexes male and female are shunning the concept of marriage by taking shelter of feminism. Feministic vision encouraged other deviant and anti-cultural, anti-social perspectives that strengthen this anti marriage concept.

Controversy on abortion matter

Feminist Argument for Abortion Rights has inevitably been involve in the wider debate of How to claim your rights to minimize risk of unfair and unequal application of marital relationship. A classical and phenomenal approach on humanity basis supports the right of fetus to live. Think once about yourself being kill before you breathe for the first time. Surely, it felt bad, likewise mothers have right for killing their fetus or unwant child is another concept encourage due to feminism.

Demoralization of traditional and cultural values

It is not about the rights of women in a patriarchal society but, it tend to change the traditional cultural practices upon which many societies are base on. Moreover, feminists supports deviation from old cultural practices such as family systems, element of respect given to the male subjects of societies, role of women as a mother or house wife, women as a care taker of home, and upbringing or nourishment of children.


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