Imlie Twist Arto Loves Become More Complex

Star Plus’ popular daily soap Imlie is preparing for high-voltage drama with a twist. Atharva and Imilie’s lives will likely change next, and they will only become more complex. Cheeni returns to Rana’s house to complete her plan of devastating Atharva and Imlie’s lives. Cheeni is now focusing on Atharva yet again and ignores Abhishek. Abhishek too is finished with this Hindi drama.


Cheeni cooks mischief and helps her think that Atharva is still in love with her. They cry with grief and plead with Atharva to follow in his footsteps since she knows his first love will never be forgotten. Atharva is confused as she makes the next shocking step, where she proposes to Rudra to get Atharva and Cheeni married if they are in love. Rudra is angry And warns Imlie never to lose hope. He also refuses to admit Cheeni. Cheeni and Abhishek’s love affair is also on the brink of ending because Cheeni plays her best game with him as well.

Arto says it tastes simple yet delicious. She brings flavor to every aspect, but he could see her value after her arrival. Ginni tells Devika that she is still deciding about Chini even a bit. Shivani claims that Chini isn’t that bad, but Imlie could cause the pelmet to drop off. Rudra demands that she not blame her for everything. He states that he is still skeptical of Chini and keeps an eye on her. Chini does not answer Abhishek’s phone and then sends a message asking her if she’s upset with him.

She acts like she’s crying after seeing Arto. She claims she’s suffering from pain. However, Abhishek did not call her to inquire about her. Arto is trying to cheer her up by saying she could be invited to the family for food. Chini promises to go out to dinner with him shortly. Chini sits next to Arto and takes Imlie’s spot. she claims she’s not worried about her stupid act. She sat on the sofa to eat khichdi.

Arto Give Bite of Khichdi

Arto also visits Imlie to have a bite of the khichdi together. Chini is jealous when she sees the girls. She signals Anu, and she calls Imlie. Anu is engaged by her in a nonsensical conversation and then pretends to pretend to be an employee of Bhaskar Times. Imlie is out looking for a more network. Anu is then acting to appear to be someone who is from the village. She then confuses Imlie and ends the call by saying she’ll talk to her later.

Anu worries about what she will do if Arto and Chini catch Imlie. Chini is ready to lure Arto into her room and awaits his arrival. She also tells Arto that she would like to speak to Arto about a date. She goes to the door and is greeted by Abhishek. Abhishek believes she was trying to surprise him. He states that urged him to address their problems. Chini questions him about why her involvement of her in their private matters.

Imlie states that she did not try to separate them but rather to join them. In the end, Arto declares that his life is becoming complicated, and he’s unable to talk to Chini about the message. He recalls Imlie’s advice and decides to tell her the truth. Before he can inform her, Imlie claims she knows Abhishek Chini’s arguments and brings them closer. Ginni claims it’s one of her first Makar Sankranti celebrations, so they’ll grandly celebrate this.

Abhishek And Chini’s Problems

Arto believes that Imlie is aware of Abhishek and Chini’s problems. He is hoping Chini will quit messaging him. Ultimately, Chini demands Abhishek not to accept Imlie’s assistance to persuade her the next time. Abhishek states that she was not taking his calls, so why would he constantly bother, even when it’s her fault? He gets angry, and Anu is seen with Chini.

Anu wants to know if Imlie spotted her and Arto together. Chini states that Imlie has a second time shattered her plan. Anu claims she is thinking of abducting Imlie at times. Chini observes Imlie as well as Arto. Imlie holds a dish that is stuffed with red. She runs into Arto, and his face is colored. Imlie and Ginni make fun of him, and he applies color to Imlie’s face. By mistake, the color fills her hairline. The two girls feel uncomfortable, and Chini is annoyed.

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