How To Get The Most Out of Your PR Company in Dubai?

Pr company in dubai

The number one rule of media relations is honesty. Nothing will turn off a reporter or blogger more quickly than trying to spin or manipulate the story. When pitching journalists, there is no replacement for sincere and honest pitches. 

While PR Company in Dubai might be an inherently creative industry, creativity has its limits when pitching news outlets only interested in real facts and not fairy tales. PR companies in Dubai can pitch news outlets most creatively.

Reporters and bloggers talk to each other regularly. So you must be prepared for your pitch to be forwarded from one journalist or blogger to another. That is a huge plus when pitching journalists, as it increases the odds of having your story covered. 

Ensure you always pitch only one journalist per story and keep the information consistent. When a reporter receives inconsistent information about a story. It will make them question your credibility, which could cause you to lose out on coverage opportunities.

Role of PR Company in Dubai

1. Identify target media opportunities

One of the primary responsibilities of a PR agency is to identify the target media opportunities and then pitch the client’s story to those outlets. That can include pitching press releases, pitching editorial content, pitching stories, and more. PR companies in Dubai use various strategies to connect a client’s product or service to specific media outlets. Different strategies depend on whether a PR company works with consumer or business-related content.

2. Identify and select media partners individuals

A PR company in Dubai must identify and select the most appropriate journalists based on each opportunity. Often, journalists will be contacted directly by PR companies when they have a story in mind. That will be a good way to get a reporter’s attention and establish a relationship with them. It would help if you always pitched your story based on their interests and preferences and previous coverage of similar stories or subjects.

3. Pitch your story

A PR company in Dubai should pitch your story using all the information you have gathered about a reporter or blogger. If a PR agency needs to learn about the reporter or blogger. It should use other sources such as social media, social networks, and online news sites to find out who they are and what stories they often cover. When pitching any story, it is important to ensure that you provide all of the necessary information they need to publish your story.

4. Building relationships with the media

A relationship with the media is often a good way to enhance any campaign or story, but it is especially useful when your business is trying to grow awareness. By building relationships with the media. You have more opportunities to pitch stories, which could lead to positive reviews and endorsements of your brand. A PR agency in Dubai will help you get started building those relationships.

What Does Real Estate PR Do?

1. Get your property in the news

Pitching your property to a reporter or blogger can be very effective if it is pitched properly and fits their current coverage interests. Real Estate PR is all about getting a specific message out to the public, and that can be done through news, reviews, or even information pieces. If you can get a news story published about your real estate listing. It will resonate with more potential buyers and could even lead to more sales of your home.

2. Create a buzz

A huge benefit of Real Estate PR is that it often leads to media coverage and reviews. The online world relies on buzz, and if you can create a buzz around your property to entice more potential buyers, then they will likely be more receptive to moving into that home. It is possible to build a buzz around new builds, renovations, and even lifestyle properties. But this kind of PR should be used sparingly as it could overwhelm your property with too much attention.

3. Create a buzz around your property

PR companies in Dubai also act as a marketing and promotional consultants, so it is important to let them know what kind of coverage you are looking for when they pitch stories to the media. While some properties should be passed up because they are too similar to others. It is best to keep things simple and focus on those properties that are likely to make more news because of their location or an interesting story about the property.


People do not get their property in the news because they do not know the right way or are so busy with other things. Many believe that publicity is good for the real estate market, but it is a lot more than that. Real Estate PR also gives you a chance to alert your potential customers about your property and promote it on social media sites.

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