Hiring A Real Estate Photographer: Is It Worth It?

Are you aware that the average attention span in today’s society is only about 7-8 seconds? And honestly, it’s not surprising. In this digital age, there is simply too much information screaming for our attention. So, what does this mean for you, a person looking to sell their property? This means you only have a short time to spark your customers’ interest in what you are selling. But how can you do that? Answer: Through professional real estate photography.

Did you know that 92% of home buyers use the Internet to help them find a property? As a result, marketing photographs are vital since they affect a property’s selling price, how quickly it sells, or whether it sells. All in all, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that one of the most important factors in selling a home is good photography.

Given the statistics proving the value of professional photography, let’s look at other potential reasons for hiring a real estate photographer.

Reasons Why Real Estate Photography Is Beneficial

In the age of smartphones and video tours, it may seem like an unnecessary luxury to hire professional real estate photographers. Still, you might be surprised to discover that there are some major benefits of using the expertise of such professionals.

Let’s explore check out a few of the major ones:

• Your listing would step out from the competition

Professional photography helps add a “wow” factor to your photos that you just can’t get from your smartphone. Professional photographers have the knowledge and experience to capture the perfect shot, drawing attention to all the home has to offer.

What’s more is that high-quality photos build credibility with potential buyers. And in this day and age, where virtual tours are becoming the norm, an open house sign just doesn’t cut it. You need well-illustrated, flawless visuals that generate excitement for your property, giving buyers the confidence that the time they take visiting is worth it.

• Accurate Representation Of Your Property

As mentioned before, your property’s sale heavily depends on high-quality photographs. Because only through high-resolution images can you highlight your property’s beauty and attention to detail. Another reason is that professional photographers understand the lenses and angles required to capture clear visuals. They also use industry-standard tools and equipment that highlight the unique features of your property.

• A Great Camera Doesn’t Necessarily Mean Great Photos

In this ever-competitive real estate business, excellent photos can be powerful marketing tools. However, while your smartphone camera or DSLR may have all the bells and whistles, it doesn’t guarantee great photos for your listings. Sure, you may understand a rule or two for real estate photography, such as using natural light or using wide-angle lenses for exterior shots. Still, only professional photographers have the skills and experience to create stunning images that draw potential buyers in.

For instance, if your property has any extraordinary features or amenities that could be highlighted from overhead, aerial drone photography can add an interesting take for prospective buyers. Although this viewpoint may not be necessary for some properties, it’s just another way a professional photographer can utilize their talents to bring out the finest features of a home.

• Your House Would Sell Easily and Quickly

Not only does real estate photography make your listing stand out, but it can also help sell a home faster. How? Showcasing your property through attractive photos and media content entices people to pay a visit. This leads to more traffic, which gives you more chances of your house selling quickly. Furthermore, creating an online presence through social media leverages the audience reach of your listing compared to just word of mouth alone.

What’s more, you can always accelerate the listing exposure through paid advertising that will help you get more traffic to the home.

• You Can Sell Your Property

Professional real estate photography can add value to a property listing and help you sell your property for more. Various studies have shown that homes with professional camera photos have an enhanced appeal, making them more likely to sell. Hiring a real estate photographer may cost you some money upfront, but in the long term, it helps increase the value of your listing and the chances of a successful sale.

Considering all this, using a real estate photographer could be one of the best investments to improve sales price and get top dollar for your home!


So, if you had any doubts about hiring a real estate photographer, we hope this post has helped you make up your mind about why it is definitely worth investing in the services of a professional photographer.

And if you require real estate photography or videography services, consider contacting platforms like Moore Studios and get quality services today!

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