Hairdresser Reveals Her Impressive Weight Loss Success Story

London: A woman whose stressful job led her to binge eat every night has revealed her impressive five-stone weight loss. Chelsea Jones, 28, a full-time hairdresser from Newton-lee-Willows, told how she was constantly on her feet throughout the day, tending to clients and appointments, and was so busy, it left her with little time to make healthy meal choices.

Instead, she wouldn’t eat during the day and would often leave herself hungry. However, when her workday ended, she’d feast on takeaway meals, McDonald’s, microwave dinners, and ‘everything in sight’ – leading her to eventually tip the scales at 15th 4lbs. ‘My weight gain spanned over the years, out I’d say since starting high school I got bigger and bigger,’ she explained.

‘I was fed up of standing out on pictures as the “big one” and not being happy when shopping, or always going to social events and feeling uncomfortable.’

She continued: ‘During the day I’d go all day without eating, then finish work and eat anything in sight. ‘I would eat multi-packs of crisps, chocolates, microwave meals, doughnuts, and McDonald’s takeaways on a regular basis.

Chelsea had always tried losing weight over the years but never managed to stick to a regime until one day something ‘clicked’. It was then she realized she needed to change her lifestyle for the better.

‘I was bothered about how I looked and never did anything about it,’ she explained. ‘I’d tried to do things when I was younger but I never stuck to it.’ ‘One day something clicked and I wanted to make myself feel better and lose weight, so I went and joined Slimming World.’

Chelsea joined Slimming World in September last year and has since lost 5st 6lbs through flexible dieting and regular exercise. Her typical meals include yogurt and fruit for breakfast, chicken salad for lunch, a ‘fakeaway’ recipe from a Slimming World recipe book, and low-calorie jelly and fruit as snacks throughout the day.

She also attended spin class twice a week and did her own workouts in the gym as well. Now, Chelsea has become a Slimming World consultant and helps others in achieving their weight loss goals.

‘My weight loss secret is Slimming World,’ she said. ‘It’s amazing and so flexible with food optimizing.’ ‘You never feel hungry and they have 1000s of recipes so I never felt left out. ‘You never feel hungry and they have 1000s of recipes so I never felt left out.

She continued: ‘My life has changed so much since losing weight with Slimming World as I have now been given the chance to make a difference to other people’s lives and help them achieve their goals.

‘I feel amazing. People don’t even recognize me anymore I constantly get people saying: “Oh, I didn’t recognize you.” ‘Its amazing Slimming World creates such a great community; I think because everyone knows how it feels or has felt there is just support from everyone. I’ve made so many friends on Instagram.’

Offering advice to others who wish to lose weight, Chelsea added: ‘Join a Slimming World group and stay accountable each week to a group, make that time for yourself. ‘Being surrounded by like-minded people helps get results and allows you to plan your week ahead, so you know you can’t go wrong if you have a night out. That’s fine as it’s planned in.’ source dailymail