Five Easy Solutions to All Your Digestive System Problems

Nowadays, digestive disorders and stomach problems are as common as a cold or flu. Crohn’s disease, Irritable bowel syndrome and inflammatory bowel disease are a few of the stomach and digestive diseases that have been on the rise recently.

These problems can be extremely discomforting and the astonishing fact is that many people often overlook the most fundamental solutions while trying to tackle these issues. To put an end to this misery, I will be providing five solutions to a much healthier digestive system, which will help you lead a constraint-free life.

Chew properly:
Remember, there are two types of digestion – mechanical and chemical. The mechanical digestion starts from your mouth. If one does not chew properly and instead swallows large molecules, their body would find it difficult to break down such large pieces, leading to an irregular digestive system.

It is recommended that one should chew 30-40 times before finally swallowing each bolus. By doing this, the enzymes will be able to digest the food efficiently. Other than that, chewing properly and slowly can also prevent from over-eating thus resulting in controlling one’s weight.

Be careful if you are lactose intolerant:
Lactose intolerance is a case in which your body is unable to digest lactose – a substance found commonly in milk and dairy products. This happens when your body does not produce or produces inadequate amounts of the lactase enzyme which digests lactose. Due to this, the lactose stays in your digestive system, causing discomfort.

This can be diagnosed with a simple blood or breath test. If you are lactose intolerant, or even if you think you are, you can treat it by limiting your intake of lactose or take lactose substitutes.

Start taking probiotics:
Even if you haven’t heard about probiotics before, these can become a potential solution to your digestive problems.

Probiotics are the direct opposites of antibiotics. They contain living organisms which exterminate the harmful bacteria in your stomach. Commonly and easily found Probiotics are yoghurt and capsules. It can take from a few weeks to some months before it finally starts taking effect. Many people with digestive problems have reported a much better experience after they started taking probiotics.

Have a high fibre diet and expel junk food:
Perhaps the most important element of any digestive system is fibre. Fibre provides the push required for the food to move through the body and eventually excrete. Therefore, a high fibre diet is highly recommended and vital for a healthy digestive system.

Foods with high fibre content include vegetables, fruits (mainly berries), beans and celery. Ispaghula husk is also important for a healthy digestive system.

Moreover, expel junk food and fast food from your diet. Such foods contain chemicals and fatty acids which can prove to be potentially harmful to your stomach and are hard to digest, leading to an irregular digestive system.

Stay hydrated and keep moving:
Similar to fibre, water is also vital for the digestive system to help food comfortably pass through the body. It is recommended to have at least eight glasses of water each day.

Also, exercise is crucial for your digestive system. Physical activity speeds up digestion and also ensures that there is adequate blood circulated to each organ. It is recommended that one should exercise for at least 30 minutes every day. Few of the best exercises include swimming, cycling and jogging.

These are just a few steps to ensure a healthier digestive system and are surely effective. Day by day, people are overlooking healthy diets and are, instead, lured more towards harmful and fatty foods such as burgers and pizzas. Such people may not even know what problems they will consequently have to deal with.

Thus, it is important to remember to always eat fresh and healthy food, and strictly limit the intake of unhealthy food. I hope these tips help you lead a better life. And more importantly, do not forget to spread awareness about such issues with everyone around you. Your advice could save someone else’s digestive system!.