Elements You Can Not Miss At a Virtual Event Platform!

There are numerous elements that you must have in your virtual event platform. However, it can be difficult to get all the features and functionalities in the same place.

Still, there are numerous online event solutions that offer such elements to the organizers. So, here is a comprehensive list of elements that you can not miss.

1. Top-Notch Customization

You can add various functionalities, designs, music, tabs, icons, touchpoints, etc., to your Virtual Event Platform. It will be helpful in uplifting the overall ambiance of your event. Furthermore, it is entirely based on your brand requirement for your online art exhibition. For instance, you can create a lobby just like you would have in an in-person event containing animated lights and background music.

2. Brilliant Branding

You can use the dynamic banners space to showcase the various promotional content over your virtual exhibition platform. Furthermore, you can use gifs, images, infographics, teasers, trailers, video clips, and internal or external links to the banner section. Hence, your attendees will know your brand better and divert to your website with the given links to make a purchase.

3. DIY Virtual Exhibition Booth

You and your sponsors can create various virtual exhibition booths at your virtual event platform. Furthermore, they can adjust various colors, banners, functionality, icons, and symbols along with video recordings, pictures, or even PDFs in a jiffy.

4. Dynamic Device Support

You and your audience can use any device to log in and join your virtual event. Furthermore, only the best virtual event services offer such ease where you can use any device like mobile, PC, laptop, iPad, tablet, and more.

5. Networking Opportunities to Enrich Your Meeting

The best virtual exhibition services have a long list of features that you can integrate into your event and boost networking opportunities without hassle.

  • Networking Tables: Get a round-shaped table for your online event with the capacity of 2 to 8 seats for your users. Furthermore, they can join the table to discuss the specific topic assigned with the experts.
  • AI Matchmaking: AI technology will analyze the complete demographic data of the attendees registered with your virtual event. Furthermore, it matches people with similar interests and sends them notifications during the live event.
  • Business Card Exchange: Anyone can share their business cards online with anyone at the virtual event. Also, they can request anyone to share their business cards online without hassle.
  • B2B Meeting Scheduler: Attendees can register and book an appointment with anyone at the event in advance. They will get the schedule as per the slot availability so they can join and discuss with the expert directly.
  • CXO Lounges: You can create a separate area accessible only for VIPs. It is the best solution for paid sessions. Hence, you can control who can access the session or whom to restrict from entering that area.

6. Multi Format Communication for Valuable Interaction

You can get numerous interactivity tools with professional virtual event solutions.

  • 1:1 and Group Chat: Your audience uses the chat feature to discuss anything with anyone at the event. Also, they can create a group or interact 1:1 with their friends.
  • Live Poll: Find out some questions related to your session topic and create some questions to engage your audience during the session. You can use the live poll option and provide the audience with 4 options from which your participants can choose.
  • Q&A Session: You can choose to host a separate session for Q&A. It will be helpful for the audience as they will be able to ask various queries directly to the speakers. Also, you can keep 15-20 min for Q&A in every session to solve the queries in real-time.
  • Live Audio and Video Call: Messaging can be difficult to ask serious questions. Hence, you can get the calling option via audio or video.
  • Third-Party Integration: You can integrate various 3rd party apps and software into your virtual event. Furthermore, it will be helpful in boosting engagement, interactivity, and networking opportunities at your event.

7. Enhanced Audience Engagement

Get enticing features with virtual medical exhibition services to enhance engagement in your event.

  • Gamification: Integrate the various AR/VR games from the 100+ collection of gamification. Your audience will be busy playing and enjoying the complete virtual event.
  • Clap/Hoot/Emoticon Reactions: You can offer the clap and hoot sound to your audience that they can use to encourage the speakers in a live virtual event. Also, you can incorporate the different emojis that your attendees can share with the experts to motivate them during a live session.
  • Text and Video-Based Notifications: You can create personalized text or video-based notifications using the Ticker feature. Furthermore, you can send an update, changes, announcements, or other notices during the live event.
  • Photo Booth: The audience can use the AR photo booths that come with different background templates. Hence, you can take as many photos as you want and also create gifs without hassle.
  • Leaderboard: Dedicate a score to the various parts of your virtual event that the audience can earn. And display the top scores on the leaderboard to create a competitive environment.

8. Take Smarter Steps with Feedback & Analytics

You can analyze your complete event to make smarter decisions for your next event as well as the brand marketing.

  • Feedback Form: Create a survey form and ask your audience at the end of your virtual event to fill it out and provide the event review.
  • Detailed Event Report: Get a detailed report of your event from start to end and calculate the success rate.
  • Attendee Footprint: Get a detailed report with every action of your attendees to understand their activities and most or least spend time on various booths.

So, these are the various elements that you can not miss while hosting a virtual event. You can boost engagement, communication, and networking opportunities at your event with these elements. Furthermore, you have to add these pointers to your event to provide a seamless experience for all your participants. Also, you can make your users stay till the event ends by using such integrations.

Hope, you will find this article beneficial in knowing all the elements that you must add to your upcoming virtual event platform.

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