Dirt Bike Riding Gear Brands

Dirt Bike Riding Gear Brands

Choosing the right dirt bike riding gear brands is a crucial decision that will determine how you ride, whether you are a seasoned professional or a beginner. If you’re new to riding, starting with gloves and boots that suit the environment you’ll be riding in is a good idea. Then, if you’re looking to upgrade, consider getting a more advanced pair of gloves and boots that offer increased protection.

Fox Racing

Founded in 1974, Fox Racing is a family-owned company specializing in dirt bike riding gear brands and apparel. Originally a small distributor of European motocross parts, Fox Racing has since grown to be one of the world’s largest manufacturers of extreme sports equipment.

Known for the best quality motorcycle gear, Fox Racing is also an industry leader in providing superior safety and comfort to the riders who use its products. Located in Irvine, California, Fox Racing headquarters are home to several offices worldwide.

In addition to motocross gear, Fox Racing offers clothing accessories, goggles, and other outdoor wear. Some of the most popular Fox Racing products include the Rampage helmet, popular with MIPS riders, and the Instinct boot consistently lauded as the best motocross boot on the market.

dirt bike riding gear brands


Founded in 1963 by leather craftsman Sante Mazzarolo, Alpinestars has been making and selling premium gear to offroad enthusiasts for more than five decades. The company has been outfitting the top motorcycle racers in the world since the mid-twenties, and it has a special place in its heart for motocross gear.

Currently, Alpinestars produces four lines of motocross gear. It’s a well-rounded product line, with each line designed to fulfill every rider’s needs, from novice to pro. The company is known for its attention to detail and the quality of its finished products. The company still hand-cuts race suits. Dirt bike riding gear brands

Alpinestars motocross boots are some of the most advanced protective gear on the market. The company’s signature Tech 10 motocross boot is the base of the pack, but the Tech 8 RS is a good choice for riders looking for the latest and greatest performance footwear.

Shift MX

Founded in 1997, Shift MX has become one of the unique brands in the motocross gear market. A subsidiary of FOX, Shift has evolved into a renowned international brand focusing on performance and quality. In addition to apparel, it offers a full line of helmets and accessories.

In 2011, Shift rebranded itself, introducing a new look and feel for the company. The new look reflects the minimalist approach of the company, which means more emphasis on the performance and design of the brand’s products. Dirt bike riding gear 

Shift motocross gear uses premium materials and advanced technology to provide high quality and performance. The company’s unique approach to gear style is what sets it apart from other motocross brands.

Thor’s Blitz XP and Radial MX boots

Whether an expert rider or a novice, Thor’s Blitz XP and Radial MX boots will give you the performance and style, you need to get the job done. They are affordable and comfortable and come in various colours, sizes and styles.

The Blitz XP is a modern, fully-synthetic ATV motocross boot with a metal toe cap and a medial abrasion plate. It also has a unique, positive-lock buckle system. It features a unique ATV outsole version, including a steel shank insert.

The Radial MX boots are a premium offering that delivers a solid fit at a competitive price. It features a Uni-directional outsole with a steel shank, plush rubber, and adjustable straps. Its high-end components include:

  • An articulated rear ankle.
  • A pre-curved injection-moulded shin plate.
  • A low-profile toe box.
  • A shock-absorbing heel cup.

Shift’s limited lines

Founded by brothers Greg and Pete Fox, Shift’s limited lines of dirt bike riding gear brands are designed to provide maximum performance and style while enhancing the overall motocross experience. Since the brand’s launch in 1997, Shift has become a staple in the motocross world, and their signature gear is praised by both amateurs and pros alike.

dirt bike riding gear brands

Shift’s Faction line offers a unique design and targets riders with narrow hips and slim legs. Their pants feature a tight waistband and gussets, and leather knee guards extend into the rider’s boots. The motocross gear is available in three colours and will fit a range of riders.

Fly Racing’s 2022 line of dirt bike riding gear brands features helmets, gloves, body armour, and other protective wear. The new Formula Carbon Prime helmet is a step up from the old Formula helmet, featuring a 12K carbon shell and two EPS layers.

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