cannot live in our country with these practices. He made his valley a garden

The chain was several kilometers long. In this camp, they behaved very immorally, and no tongue would rebuke them except Lot. In the Bible, this whole story is summed up in two sentences, that they did wrong in the first place and you fill your desires with people, you break the way of travelers and you practice immorality in ‘publicity in your party. It should be known that it is a happy country, drunk on its happiness, and it cannot see the signs of its destruction and destruction from afar. But even today the name of this country is not in the world. Today only the Dead Sea remains as a monument, which is still called the Sea of ​​Lut. Hazrat Lut asked them: But among your wives do you leave what your Lord created for you? This means that in order to achieve this desire, by leaving God’s created wives, you use unnatural means, that is, men, for this purpose. Another meaning may be that you are going in an unnatural way by leaving the natural way that God has placed in these wives to achieve this desire. In this second opinion, it is said that these cruel people used to do unnatural things even with their wives, and that they may not have known anything to prevent the population from increasing. increased for fear that their happiness will not go away or end. For this movement
It is the biggest crime of this country because of that

God’s punishment fell upon him. Wicked people did not stop doing it, but this country does it in public, they did not consider it as a shame. Today, in the West, it is authorized or well supported in the name of human freedom, but nowhere is it considered arrogant and contemptuous of its author. mercy. And considered sick. The truth is that we have unnatural sex. Allah Ta’ala created a couple for the survival of the human race so that these people together form a family and then society grows and grows. For this reason, he made two men and women of different sexes, attracted them to each other, adapted to them their physical and mental nature composed specifically of the needs of others, bringing comfort, comfort and peace with each other. Makes the source of pleasure. The pleasure of this combination is the source of survival and the financial reward for serving both. But the person who acts against this plan of nature, derives physical pleasure from his own sex, commits many crimes at the same time. First offense: He harms his body, self and soul by doing something against his physical laws and spiritual needs

God’s punishment for the people of Lot
But We sent Lot as a prophet, and remember when he said to his people, have you become so immoral that you are doing immoral things that no one on earth has done before you? You fulfill your desires with men except women, the truth is that you are transgressors. But the response from his people is nothing more than that, remove these people from their area, they become white people. Finally, we rescued Lot and his family… except his wife who was among those who were left behind, we caused rain to fall on the land, so look what happened to the wicked. Hazrat Ibrahim (peace be upon him). Among his people, only his nephew Hazrat Lut (peace be upon him) believed in him. He and his uncle migrated from Iraq to Syria, Palestine and Egypt with Hazrat Ibrahim (as) to gain experience in dawah and evangelism. Then Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala raised him as a prophet and we gave command and knowledge to Lot that he chose to convert the people of Sodom. Hazrat Lut (as) was a child when he came here, and when calamity befell this nation, his children were still young. The arrival of Hazrat Lot here was a joy for the people of Sodom and they will accept his call for change and become people who are elevated in morals and happiness. It seems that they happily welcomed the arrival of Hazrat Lut (AS) because Hazrat Lut (AS) was a man of good morals and high morals and he married his daughter and made her his son-in-law (that’s why the Quran called them). the people of Lut (AS)). ),

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