Applications of Apricot oil and its Health Benefits

Apricot kernel oil is used in the kitchen

If you would like to use the apricot oil in the kitchen, you should ensure that you choose an unrefined and native apricot kernel oil.

This is particularly important because the refined oil has hardly the real taste and due to the high temperatures for refining, the positive properties of the active ingredients are almost lost.

Vitamin E, in particular, is affected. Therefore the apricot oil should not be used for frying or cooking.

Because the heat would be too much and the benefits of the valuable oil would be neutralized.

Because the apricot oil has a low smoke point, for example, noxious vapors would form, says chaktty.

In addition, you risk a complete loss of the aromatic active ingredients and flavors. Some people opt for refined apricot kernel oil sacrificing the flavor.

The smoke point is at about 220 degrees. To Cook, this is sufficient in any case. 

A big advantage when refined oil is the longer shelf life compared to the unrefined apricot oil.

What it is to take note while purchasing apricot products?

Those who are specifically interested in buying cosmetics with apricot kernel oil from health food stores or in special online stores can be sure that, at least, the minimum level of content of apricot kernel oil is not less.

The price should not be the deciding factor, because cheap products often have a low rate of product and are often almost watered down by so-called fillers, according to healthpally.

Benefits of Apricot oil

Apricot seed oil has therapeutic benefits on injured skin cells and it’s used in the field of skincare. Apricot kernel oil, for example, helps to counteract dermatitis and light damaged skin.

However, the operation only for already damaged skin has been proven.

The cell structure is still intact, then the molecules of linoleic acid are simply too large to participate successfully in an external application.

It would counteract skin damage even before they arise, then only one internal application in question comes.

Even if the apricot oil is used only externally, for example during a massage, positive changes can be detected. So, an improvement in skin texture is noticeable.

Without any doubt, apricot kernel oil is good for the skin and the hair, health pally.

Apricot kernel oil is suitable for the care of sensitive, low-moisture skin. 

So it can be used here as pure base oil or in a mixture with other products or creams. It leaves a pleasant skin feel quickly.

If you love skin self-care, you can mix a few drops of oil with the traditional cream and make ta particularly rich cocktail of moisture to the skin.

This approach is recommended especially during the cold season.

Due to its composition and chemical structure, the oil is very mild and is therefore also used for baby care or as a makeup remover.

 In the summer months, the apricot oil can be used as a regenerating and refreshing after-Sun care.

The pure oil of excellent as a massage oil, bath oil or hair care is also suitable. 

Apricot oil ensures that your hair is supplied with additional moisture and gives abundance.

Also, the scalp will benefit from the soothing properties and can counteract itself. For example, apricot kernel oil can help you shed an itchy scalp.

Sometimes, there are even manufacturers who advertise their products with apricot oil to stimulate hair growth.


Apricot kernel oil was, unfortunately still always misunderstood. Here, people with sensitive or mature skin that experience early signs of aging can benefit from this oil.

Generally, apricot oil is suitable for all skin types. It can be used pure as Remover makeup for (eye). Because it is rich in enzymes, it is also a Rejuvenator.

Also, it has a slightly antibacterial effect. In principle, it has the same properties as Almond oil but it’s less in nutritional value.

On a final note, it can be said that this oil is useful in cosmetics as well as in the kitchen.

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