A program to strengthen your skills of management and leadership to work in the right industry

BBA is a completely professional degree that opens various career opportunities and further study options as well. It is a course that helps interested students to get into high career options in business and management.   It is the only way Students can get placed in good companies with good remuneration. Hence right after getting their BBA degrees they get the required job. BBA holders have the highest employment rate these days in big organizations.  Hence as compared to other bachelor’s degrees, it is a full-fledged course with a good pay scale.

Hence, you can get various career opportunities in the Sales and Marketing department, Human Resources department, Finance department, and IT department. BBA freshers can get a good salary package per month. Moreover, various other factors depend on the company’s value, market, skills, and experience. Avail all the benefits of higher studies while sitting at home. Get the bachelor of business administration (BBA) degree now at the convenience of your home.  Hence to boost your career with a completely online BBA program with the most reputed university.  Now you can also Attend live and recorded classes, from any place by just enrolling with LPU distance education Ludhiana

Hence wherever you are, you can learn  at your convenience from the most reputed faculty at L.P.U distance education Ludhiana

Various subjects details of the LPU distance BBA program

* Principles of Management.

* Business Mathematics & Statistics.

* Introduction to Operations Research.

* Business Economics.

* Financial & Management Accounting.

* Production & Material Management.

* Personnel Management & Industry Relations.

* Marketing Management.

  Various semester details regarding the LPU  Distance BBA program

* It gives you insights into business fundamentals and thorough and practical knowledge of the same.  

* The untapped potential of rural and international markets must be gained through a valid BBA program.

* It gives you an experience of your innovative thoughts and ideas by engaging with your peers and faculty.

* You get a deep knowledge of subjects like HRM, communication, finance, marketing, systems, and analytics.

* Hence with a learning program able to make larger connections in the context of business development and strategy.

* Now get proper skills and insights into business fundamentals and the untapped potential of rural and international markets.

* Through practical training programs get a deep dive into consumer behavior and principles of strategic retail management. 

* It provides you with a deep analytical tool to solve business problems and support managerial decision-making.

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