5 secret ways to Increase Salon/Spa Referrals

If you’re looking to increase your beauty salon business, develop an efficient salon referrals plan to boost your clientele. You can attract customers by following the strategies which we will be going to tell you about here.

Explore methods for producing a salon referral program, and be sure to take advantage of the various social-media platforms. A referral is when someone who had used your service in the past recommends your services to someone who they know. 

This works to develop your company because your customers are doing the advertising for you. Gaining referrals from your customers is a wonderful way to increase business. It’s one of the most cost-effective ways to attract the new customers to your spa or salon business. Your customers are going to make regular visits to your business, and these regular visits will work to increase the number of referrals.

You should focus on preparing a marketing campaign for your salon referral programme to ensure all employees know about it. Try to devise a plan and get it approved.

Ways to Increase Your Salon/Spa Referrals

Promotion of Referral Program

Preparing a marketing campaign for your referral programme is important to ensure all employees know about it. Try to devise a plan and get it approved. Your website should contain information about how clients can access your referral programme, and how they can request receive it. Send your clientele a corporate email or text through salon booking system that details your referral programme. Invite them to reward you during the beginning of the new year for referring their friends and family.

Make use of your social media content to encourage people to make referrals. Ask each client for a referral card and showcase them inside your salon premises, or where customers pay you. For example, this might provoke conversation about your salon referral program.

Reward the Referrer and New Customer

To incentivize your new customers and existing customers to refer your business to new people, consider offering some kind of reward program. Although some people will not change their referral behaviour whether you offer an incentive, a reward will provide motivation and generate even more referrals for your business.

For the referrer, it will motivate them to actively promote your business. For a new customer, it may be the enticement to visit you for the very first time. It is a great way to make them feel special and honoured and to get their first trip to your salon, spa off to a great start. A good software will make things easier to promote your salon referral program to your target market.

Gather Customer Feedback

If you request feedback from your customers, it will not likely get you instantaneous referrals, but it will eventually boost your long-term customer base. By talking to your most regular customers about what they like and dislike about your service, you can attain a better idea of where you’ll likely make improvements.

Implement system like salon & Spa software which will help you to collect the feedback from your salon customers.  Sometimes transforming your customers into clients can change your ordinary services to exquisite services. This can induce your customers to continually opt for your service while urging their friends and family to visit your establishment.

Track the Salon Referrals

Recognising your referrals is important, and it’s of the utmost importance that you keep track of where they all come from. By determining where their referrals originally come from, you will learn what generates the most referrals and what’sn’t working well enough.

You should pay more attention on the strategy if you’re getting new customers through your salon referral program. This could be an indication that you might want to put more funds and time into telling your current customers about the services you offer.

Examining your referral programme will help you determine how you are able to maximize your time. Also, resources to make the most of the most worthwhile avenues for conducting your business, which will subsequently result in more referrals. You can effectively monitor your referral source using Salonist Salon Software.

Exceeding Customer Expectations

Word of mouth is the most effective approaches to discover new customers. Hence, it comes from trust and that’s something that you have earn. In order to get your clients raving and discussing the exceptional work you do; you are going to have to deliver a unparalleled service.

With your team, you can talk about how you might be able to accomplish this. By exceeding your clients’ expectations through some small improvements, you can increase customer loyalty. It results in an increase in referrals to your business. Look for creative ways to turn the smaller things into things of significance. You should search different ways to promote your salon referral program which can generate the business in the long run.


We’re hoping by using a couple of these strategies you will improve your referral count and develop your customer base. To discover ways to boost the growth of your business through salon referral program. It is a great idea to implement a effective software. However, Salonist is one of the best applications for salon owners. It provides numerous functionalities that you can benefit from.

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