5 Advantages of Invisalign Treatment

You will be on the road to more confidence and success if you choose Invisalign treatment or another orthodontic solution to straighten your teeth. The Lakewood Invisalign procedure has incredible benefits over conventional braces in addition to helping to beautify your smile. Invisalign therapy is almost unnoticeable on your teeth, and the aligners are easy to remove and modify to fit your lifestyle. For more benefits of Invisalign therapy, keep reading!

Invisalign and Invisalign Teen

You may be familiar with the Invisalign procedure. This type of orthodontic treatment has grown in popularity over the past 20 years, especially among adults and teenagers. We provide a discreet alternative to conventional metal braces that can straighten your teeth and enhance the functioning of your smile. All of this is accomplished with Invisalign without anyone even realizing you are straightening your teeth!

Transparent aligners called Invisalign gradually reposition your teeth into a straighter posture. When you come in for your Invisalign consultation, we can take digital pictures of your teeth. These help us create a model of your mouth and chart the course of your orthodontic treatment. We create clear aligners based on the shape of your mouth, which are changed every one to two weeks. To get the perfectly straight smile you’ve always desired, you wear these aligners both during the day and at night. They can even fix issues with the bite and occlusion.

Advantages of Invisalign

Invisalign therapy has a lot of benefits, which is why our patients adore this choice!

  1. Its placement on your teeth is intended to be almost imperceptible. Since the aligners are clear and snugly fit over your teeth, no one will ever know you are using them.
  2. During eating, drinking, flossing, and brushing, the aligners are simply removed. That is not possible with any other braces option because they are all bonded to your teeth. When you can take the aligners out to play sports or for other reasons, it gives you more flexibility with your treatment.
  3. As opposed to traditional braces, there are often fewer clinic visits required. Only once every 4-6 weeks at a time are you required to visit the office.
  4. During treatment, teeth are simpler to clean for the best dental health. At night, you just take off the aligners to clean them and your teeth as usual. Both tooth brushing and flossing are quick and simple. Cleaning traditional braces takes a lot longer.
  5. Usually, treatment with metal braces takes less time overall to get ideal outcomes. You won’t need Invisalign therapy for very long if you only require a little orthodontic adjustment.

How Do the Other Options Compare?

In addition to Invisalign therapy, there are numerous sorts of orthodontic alternatives available. The most popular orthodontic device is a set of traditional metal braces because it is the least expensive way to straighten your teeth. These appliances use highly noticeable metal brackets that are affixed to the middle of each tooth and a metal archwire that runs through the top and bottom brackets. Similarly made of metal, lingual braces are fastened to the backs of your teeth. As they are constructed similarly to metal braces but using a ceramic material that is white like your teeth, clear braces are very closely related to them. Your teeth will straighten quite effectively with either choice, but Invisalign is the most discrete. This is why both adults and teenagers adore receiving Invisalign treatment.

Both straightforward cases of teeth straightening and complicated bite and malocclusion problems can be treated with Invisalign. You can watch your teeth shift at every stage of therapy because it is invisible. With other types of braces, you can’t see your smile as clearly because you have to wait until the completion of therapy. According to studies, teens who use Invisalign treatment are twice as likely to experience an increase in self-esteem as those who use alternative orthodontic techniques. Who would not desire that?

Your Experience with Clear Aligners

We think that a grin should be shared. However, due to the metal in their mouths, many people who have braces are reluctant to smile. This is typical of conventional metal braces, particularly in adults. A more upright smile, however, can greatly improve both your social and professional lives. According to studies, a straighter, more attractive grin might increase your attractiveness to others. Not only does a great smile increase your confidence, but it can also increase your chances of success. You’ll smile more, which will attract others to you and make you happier.

Straighter smiles and their benefits have been studied by Invisalign on their own. After receiving orthodontic care, a person with a straighter smile has an advantage over their rivals when applying for jobs. Because it gives them the appearance of being successful and healthy, employers are more likely to hire someone with a straighter, healthier smile. People believe that those who have straighter teeth are 38% smarter, 45% more successful, 47% more likely to be healthy, and 58% more likely to be wealthy. Additionally, 73% of individuals say they are more likely to trust a person with straight teeth than one with crooked teeth.

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