11 foods to stay away from before bed!

These chilly winter days heighten our mid-night appetites. Your ability to sleep may also be impacted by the shifting atmosphere. But did you realise that eating may also impact your sleep? Indeed, it does!

It’s critical to understand which foods harm your health. Some meals eaten before bedtime may prevent you from having a restful night’s sleep.

If you have trouble falling asleep or wake up exhausted even after getting enough of sleep, you should speak with your healthcare professional. You may either attempt the natural therapies indicated below or buy zopiclone online uk to enhance the quality of your sleep.

How does Eating impact the body?

Your body is impacted by your hectic life, and your body ultimately determines how well you sleep. Your health and sleep are also impacted by what you eat.

Numerous studies indicate that having a restless night might make you yearn for more junk food and unhealthy snacks the following day. Be careful while choosing your food before night because it might interfere with your sleep. The following foods are prohibited before bedtime.

Dark chocolate

Dark chocolate is a food that you should stay away from before bed.

Dark chocolate may be a cunning thief. It does so because it contains both caffeine and amino acids. Because of the amino acids in chocolate, you can’t sleep, which makes the next day boring. Dark chocolate has twice as much energy as regular chocolate, making it a far better midday snack than a midnight one.


We frequently like eating ice cream before bed because it is one of our favourite desserts. A bowl of ice cream may be alluring, but the sugar it contains may prevent you from falling asleep later. It is quite fattening, especially for low-fat food. It might take a while for the sugar in ice cream to break down.

Because of this, your body cannot relax properly while it is still digesting meals. For late-night desires, candy bars, ice cream, cakes, etc. are a definite NO.

Every food that might interfere with your sleep contains sugar as its principal ingredient. Sugar makes you more energised and prevents you from falling asleep easily. Every dish with a high sugar content might be more of a sleep inhibitor than a sleep promoter.


We are all aware that drinking coffee might keep you up later at night. It’s better to avoid caffeine for many hours before night because it can stay in your system for hours. When considering a cup of coffee, keep in mind that caffeine can stimulate the central nervous system and that its effects can last anywhere from 8 to 14 hours.


Have you heard that eating cheese at night causes odd dreams? Yes, it’s conceivable. Tyramine, an amino acid that is abundant in cheese, helps to prolong mental alertness. Therefore, despite our love of a cheese board after dinner, indulging will simply make it more difficult for you to go asleep.

Red meat and poultry

They include a lot of animal-based proteins, which need a lot of energy to digest. Lengthening this process might interfere with your sleep cycle.

Tyrosine, an amino acid included in this protein, helps to stimulate brain function. It will become more difficult to fall asleep if you combine them with spices since it will speed up your metabolism and act as a wake-up call for your body.


Although you might feel sleepy after downing a drink of wine or beer, it disrupts your sleep cycle. Alcohol use immediately before bed might reduce the quality of your sleep. According to research, drinking alcohol before bed might increase the likelihood that you’ll wake up frequently during the night. Since alcohol is a powerful muscle relaxant, it can also cause snoring.

Additionally, due to the excessive amount of liquids taken after dinner, beer drinkers frequently wake up every two to three hours after retiring to bed to use the restroom.


One of the traditional late-night desire items is no longer on the list! No matter how delicious it seems, eating pizza before going to bed is not a good idea. This well-known late-night dish is not a good idea to consume before bed since the cheese is fatty and the tomato sauce is acidic.


Because of their high acidity and potential for heartburn or indigestion, tomatoes are on the “do not eat” list. They contain tyramine, an amino acid that prolongs wakefulness and stimulates brain activity.

Diuretic Meals

Diuretic foods are those that cause a lot of urine. Diuretic foods include celery, carrots, cucumber, ginger, watermelons, and alcohol. Before going to bed, you should avoid them because they promote frequent urination. Sleeping poorly might result from getting up in the middle of the night to use the restroom.


Too much water consumption might seriously disrupt your sleep. You have to wake up several times to use the restroom despite drinking a lot of water. As an alternative, begin to reduce your fluid consumption around three hours before night.

Tips on general meals to avoid before bed

Avoid fatty, difficult-to-digest foods, as well as eating a lot at night.
In addition to coffee, several other foods also contain caffeine, which can cause insomnia (such as tea, energy drinks, certain chocolates).


Tyramine like caffeine, serves as a stimulant and interferes with sleep, therefore stay away from foods high in tyramine such soy sauce, tomatoes, and certain cheeses.

You may get heartburn and acidity from spicy and acidic foods, which may keep you from going asleep.
You now have a better understanding of how simple foods can affect our sleep. Therefore, use caution while consuming anything just before night. The ideal meal hour is another little factor that could aid in your ability to sleep easily. It is recommended to eat dinner at least three hours before going to bed.

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